• Testimonials

    At Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation - Siena, our hard work and efforts are rewarded daily by the patients and residents we serve. Not only are we thanked in person on a regular basis, we receive countless letters, poems and artwork showing appreciation. This is an example of what we receive. To read more letters, please contact the admissions director.

    “To the Entire Staff at Station I,

    "We would like to thank each and every one of you, for the care you provided for our Dad.Thank you for your patience, caring, and compassion. Your professionalism, skills, and team work did not go unnoticed. It was such a pleasure to come visit him, and be greeted by all of the smiles and hellos from the staff. Dad is doing very well and has adjusted to his new place. He says hello to all and thanks you, as well. We know you will continue to thrive and provide great care. We wish all of you, the very best.

    "Sincerely, Patient's Family"
    -- June 3rd, 2013

    “My stay at Kindred was one of physical recovery for total knee replacement. It turned out to be far greater than that. I left kindred care with a remarkable improvement in strength and range of motion. Your entire PT was involved. Each therapist helping the other to get the most out of me. I worked very hard, in part because the staff created an attitude of success. I did not want to disappoint them and disrespect their support. When unable to go further I was met with gentle reminders about how far I had come. Your dietary staff had met with me to understand my preference and also coach me into best choices to lower weight and take pressure off my leg. They designed a delivery program that accommodated my work out schedule. Nursing also adapted my med deliveries to my meals and my work out schedule. Amazing CUSTOMER CARE.

    "I never rang for Nursing and waited. I never, not once heard no. I had more ice delivered to my room to control swelling than I did meals. And always immediately upon request. I suffer panic attacks that build at about 4am. They were averted for my entire stay by fast responsive care. Nursing often stayed with me to discuss any topic I chose to divert attack. I am sure often bored to death, but not showing it. My room was spotless and the cleaners worked with speed and efficiency. I have had many luxury hotel stays and the goal is invisible service. You win. The overall environment created an attitude within myself to re- examine my life and future. I left Kindred with a clear vision of my future and how I wanted to live. Please accept my appreciation for an absolutely amazing recovery stay. Be assured that I continue to "sing your praises" within the community. Small reward, but my appreciation is passionately delivered and your facility so highly recommended, it has to lead to more patients and more healing. Thank you Joan for your leadership. I know how hard it is to create this team and environment." 
    -- Daniel S. 
    April 8th, 2013

    “A close friend spent 10 days there after surgery. She loved the place. We visited several times and the staff was always friendly and helpful. We saw nothing of the negativity mentioned in other reviews. Update one year later: Our friend is now in the end stage of leukemia. She has been in Siena twice since I wrote the earlier review and still insists on going there. She like the place and the staff and won't go anywhere else in Auburn.”
    -- 2012

    “Two days after having both hips replaced, I was transferred to Siena for rehab. That was a really smart move on my part!

    "The nursing staff dispenses lots of TLC - all day and night, as long as you need it. They ready you for meals and wheel you to the dining room or bring your tray to your room. My bed was made and pillows and blankets supplied as desired. Medication was dispensed regularly. There were so many other things that were done for me - and always with a smile.

    "The physical therapists work with you diligently and with great care for your safety. Everyone works hard to make you comfortable, and they do their jobs cheerfully. That's pretty hard to do when the patient is in pain and very cranky!

    "The facility is very clean and airy. My room was wiped down and mopped daily. There are bird feeders at every window and lots of trees and flowers to look out at. They have a lovely central court where you can go out to sit and enjoy the outdoors. The personal televisions are a real plus to help pass the time and put you to sleep!

    "I could go on and on an on, but suffice to say if you need a caregiver when you're in rehab, Siena is the place to be. It truly is a fine CARE center!

    "My thanks to everyone who took part in my rehab. I'm doing great thanks to you!!!"
    -- June 6th, 2011

    “I am home now, but I have a chronic illness, so unfortunately, I have been in a number of facilities and hospital settings periodically in the last few years. Kindred Care, Siena in Auburn, is by far the best. While no one likes to be in rehab or convalescent care, this facility is upbeat, clean, recently renovated, well run and caring. The special touches, like musical programs, activities and Christmas gifts, made my experience endurable, and at times, uplifting.

    "Most notable is the well trained, likable and professional staff who were always responsive to me and to my family – from staff doctors to nurses and CNA’s to administrators. We greatly appreciated their support and kindness during our most difficult times and consider many of them friends. I continue to use Siena Care as my choice for excellent ongoing outpatient therapy”.
    --Ross B.

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